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Körmöczi Award was founded in 1973, in recognition of the scientific work of young researchers.

Everyone is eligible for the award, who is:

  1. a member of the Hungarian Dental Association,
  2. under the age of 35 at the time of sending in their publication 
  3. Their independent, high-quality, scientific work was published in the Fogorvosi Szemle and was not published elsewhere. In the case of a co-author, the age of the first author is decisive.


The President asks a Reviewer Commission to rank the applications, depending on the topic of the dissertations. The Commission shall send its proposal to the Secretary General of the Association by the specified deadline.
The final decision on the Award(s) (placement, division) is made by the HAD presidential board by a simple majority of votes. The awards will be handed over in the framework of a scientific event. 

Winners of Körmöczi Award: 


  • First place: DR. PÁL NAGY
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 1, No.109; 2016 3-22
    Evaluation of the efficacy of powered and manual toothbrushes in preventing oral diseases (Systematic review with meta-analysis)
  • Shared second place: DR. DOROTTYA GHEORGHITA 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4, No.109; 2016 119-124.
    Smoking and Psoriasis as Synergistic Risk Factors in Periodontal disease
  • Shared second place: DÁNIEL PALKOVICS 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 2, No.109; 2016 45-55.
    The significance of biotype in the predictability of dental-periodontal treatment


  • First place: Dr. Zsuzsanna Papp
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4, No. 110; 2017 122-134
    The combined surgical-restaurative correction of Miller I–II gingival recessions associated with non-carious cervical lesions – a randomized controlled clinical study – 6 months results
  • Second Place: Dr. Ibrahim Barrak 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 1, No. 110; 2017 20-24
    Comparison of effects of different fluoride containing prophylactics on the growth of Streptococcus mutans on titanium surfaces – an in vitro study
  • Third place: Dr. Béla Sápi 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 3, No. 110; 2017 88-91
    The comprehensive therapy of a patient with TMJ dysfunction - Case presentation 


  • First place: Dr. Dóra Iványi
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 2, No. 111; 2018 52-58
    Examination of dental implants removal
  • Second place: Dr. Mónika Balázs 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4, No. 111; 2018 123-128
    Minimally invasive access cavity in premolars and molars – review
  • Third place: Dr. László Simonffy 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 3, No. 111; 2018 74-78
    Differential diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia


  • First place: Dr. Levente Palásti
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 3, No. 112; 2019 87-93
    The Placement of Dental Implants in Patients Receiving Bisphosphonate Therapy- Literature Review (Part I.)
  • Second place: Dr. Tekla Sáry
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4, No. 112; 2019 117-122
    Comparing direct restorations utilising fiber reinforced materials in MOD cavities- pilot study
  • Third place: Dr. Réka Miklós 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 3, No. 112; 2019 94-101
    Drugs in pregnancy
    How to treat pregnant patients in the dental office?


  • Shared First place: Dr. Laura Komlósi
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 1, No. 113; 2020 12-19
    Efficacy of subgingival air-polishing in the non-surgical periodontal therapy of chronic periodontitis
    Randomized controlled pilot study
  • Shared First place: Dr. Bálint Kerkovits
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4, No. 113; 2020 132-139
    Implant-abutment connection types in dental implant systems
  • Second place: Dr. Gábor Berkei
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 2, No. 113; 2020 46-51
    Immediate implantation and soft-tissue preservation with PMMA temporary abutment combined with the extracted tooth
    Case study
  • Third place: Dr. Virág Pörzse 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 3, No. 113; 2020 74-81
    Preorthodontic corticotomy and simultaneous bone augmentation in the prevention of buccal alveolar dehiscences
    Case presentation


  • First place: Dr. Ali Alkhayer
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 4. No. 114; 2021. 168-179
    Three-dimensional changes of the facial soft tissue after bimaxillary surgery of skeletal class III patients: a prospective study
  • Second place: Dr. Adelina Stephanie Youssef
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 2. No.114; 2021. 46–52
    Qualitative analysis of monomers released from 3D printable MED610 polymer and their effect on cells
  • Third place: Dr. Luca Nagy-Csoma 
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE ■ Vol. 1. No. 114; 2021. 9–14
    Relevance of blood tests before dental implantation


  • First place: Dr. Márton József Suta
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE Vol. 2. No. 115. 2022. 64-68. 
    Evaluation of Polyjet and SLA 3D printers

  • Second place: Dr. Lili Heckenast  
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE Vol. 1. No. 115. 2022. 14-20. 
    Evaluation of the short term efficacy of the modified Alt-RAMEC protocol in the treatment of retrognathic maxilla 

  • Shared third place: Dr. Veronika T. Szabó   
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE Vol. 2. No. 115. 2022. 69-75.
    Effect of root amputation on the fracture resistance of furcation-involved, intracoronally splinted upper molars (Pilot study)

  • Shared third place: Dr. Viktória Néma   
    FOGORVOSI SZEMLE Vol 4. No. 115. 2022. 178-182.
    Polymerization shrinkage-stress of short fiber-reinforced composite (Pilot study)