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The entire regulation that concerns the protection of personal data of the Hungarian Dental Association is available on our Hungarian language website. For international audience the only personal data that HAD handles is that of foreign conference attendees, for which please be informed as below:


The handling of personal data in case of participants registering for the conference Perspectives in Perio-Implantology and Comprehensive Dentistry

According to section 2.2 of the above regulation, the Hungarian Dental Association and Régió10 Kft. handles personal data (e-mail address) of the registered participants in order to send 4-6 e-mails a year that concern the conference, as well as all the necessary information that is needed to attend. 

Data controller: 

Hungarian Dental Association

H-6720 Szeged, Dugonics square 13.

Tel. 003670 940 7798

e-mail: info@mfe-hda.hu

web: http://mfe-hda.hu/

Represented by: Dr. Katalin Nagy, president

e-mail: katalin.nagy@universityszeged.com


Data processor: 

”Régió-10” Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Seat: H-6782 Mórahalom, Röszkei út 2.


Personal data handled: 

name, address, medical seal number, e-mail, telephone, billing address, dietary preferences

Data processor and controller store data on computers protected by passwords, and do not give these to any third party.

All personal data is handled according to the regulation on personal data protection published by the Hungarian Dental Association to be read in Hungarian under: http://mfe-hda.hu/adatkezelesi-tajekoztato/